This means:

  • NO STRESS: you can follow this class every day, once per week, once per month, or just whenever you feel like reconnecting with your true self. When you are too stressed and don't know how to release some tension. When you tried other ways to take time for yourself and didn't work out. If you are here you are not looking for a quick fix because you understand that our bodies are all different, and some might need more time to get used to a new routine and definitely less result-driven pressure.

  • NO SHARED PHOTOS: we advise you to take before and after pictures every week to track your results, which can be visible only if you follow the class at least 3 times per week for a minimum of 4 weeks. You can keep these pictures for yourself and only send them to Ilaria if you decide to start a 1:1 session after at least one month of trying the class. That is why you won't see before and after pictures of other clients on our website or social media, which is very useful to push the sales, but, for Ilaria, your privacy is way more important than selling. Remember, you are here to feel better inside and outside and results will come with time and practice, and moreover, these exercises alone won’t fix all your problems. A proper routine, a healthy diet, and an active lifestyle are also necessary in order to really feel better inside and outside. And drink water! After the 1:1 session, you can decide if you want to share your pictures to let other women know about your achievements. YOUR decision.

  • NO FAKE PROMISES: you are not going to hear anything like 'delete' wrinkles or 'remove double chin' kind of things here. Instead, here you'll learn how to embrace your true self with self massage, to accept your wrinkles while massaging the tension that caused them, and to push the excess fluids away as you would do with anything you don't need anymore in your life. This class is not only about looking younger but also about accepting your body and appreciating it for all the hard work that it does for you! The intention is not to avoid facial expressions that cause wrinkles but to learn how to control your muscles and be aware of the tension.


  • Boosts Lymphatic system

  • Mood booster

  • Muscular tension relief

  • Healthy skin tone

  • Collagen booster

  • Posture improvement

  • Confidence booster

  • Relaxes wrinkles

  • Depuffing from excess fluids

  • Younger and healthier look

  • Broosha stands for body acceptance, body positivity, and body awareness.

  • This class is not intended to be used as treatment for any illness or condition, if you have serious skin problems or muscle pain, we warmly recommend you to consult your doctor before purchasing.

  • For info send an email to [email protected]